Student registration must be accompanied by a 500 EUR security deposit. Before registering see the Rates and the number of room vacancies.


Single Occupancy Room Rates for the Academic Year 2024/2025

Rent Payments
Payment 1 Payment 2 Total Rent Payments
Payment due By 1st of
August 2024
Payment due by 1st of
December 2024
€2,280 €2,280 €4,560

Utility Payment

Please note the above outlines rent payments only. A utility fee of €456.00 is payable along with your first payment amount. This fee includes , refuse, TV license and Wi-Fi internet (each apartment has fast fibre broadband).

Electricity Deposit

The electricity deposit pre payment is €450.00 per student and is payable with your first rent payment. The electricity bills are divided equally between the students in each apartment.

Each apartment is metered as a unit and the bill is paid by the Kings Court office on behalf of the students. A copy of the electricity bill will be sent to each apartment for your reference. If the electricity costs exceed the electricity pre-payment, the difference will be deducted from your security deposit. Any refunds owed to you from the €450.00 electricity pre-payment will be returned with your deposit.

Security Deposit

A booking/security deposit of €500.00 is required to make an application to stay in Kings Court Apartments which is refundable subject to electricity being paid and the apartment vacated in a satisfactory manner. Payment to be made online via Paypal using our Application Form.

Afterwards you must filled in two other forms: the Guarantor Form and the Security Form, and send them in to us. See the Application Process page for more details.

Contact Kings Court Apartments (066 7193600) if you require further information.

Payments Summary per Student for the Full Academic Year 2024/2025
Item Payment Type Remarks
1 Security Deposit 500.00 Payable online when registering. Refundable provided contract is not breached
2 Semester 1 Rent 2,280.00 Payable in advance
3 Semester 2 Rent 2,280.00 Payable in advance
4 Utility Payment 456.00 Covers refuse collection, TV license, Wi-Fi internet
5 Electricity Prepayment 450.00 Any remaining unused portion is refundable
Total 5,966.00  


If you require accommodation for only one semester then the total is € 3,686.00.

Money remaining will be paid back to you by Electronic Funds Transfer into your bank account, therefore please ensure that your BIC and IBAN numbers are accurate when filling in the Application Form

Payment Method

We accept debit card and EFT (For rent, electricity and utility payments only).

Postal orders / money orders / bank drafts to be made payable to ‘The Rookery Management Company CLG’.

** Student's first name and surname must be included in the reference box when doing an EFT **

The source of payments received needs to be identified in order to be allocated to the relevant student account, then receipts are sent out by email in acknowledgement.


Applications will not be accepted if they are not fully completed. Please see application form for instructions or the Application Process page.


Apartments are available for viewing in the months of June, July and August by appointment only. Please call the management office in Kings Court Apartments on 066 7193600. Please note that a 24 hour notice period must be submitted.