Student registration must be accompanied by a 500 EUR security deposit. Before registering see the Rates and the number of room vacancies.


Measures for Dealing with COVID-19

Health and Safety:

All our Health and Safety systems and procedures have been updated to reflect COVID-19 prevention protocols, and are updated based on HSE guidelines.


All our residents will be notified of any updates of our policies and procedures on our website and via email.

Deep Cleaning:

All apartments are currently undergoing deep cleaning which includes disinfection of all hard surfaces.

Safety and Sinage:

COVID-19 related posters and signage have been installed in all apartments to remind residents to adhere to HSE guidelines relating to social distancing, hand hygiene, and respiratory hygiene.

Communal Areas:

The laundry room is furnished with sanitiser for residents to disinfect touch points before and after use. Floor markings are in place marking out social distancing points.


We have an action plan in place to support any individual displaying symptoms on site.